We have invested the entire experience and know-how of the past 25 years into the continuous development of our WMS tools. We now have a selection that reliably covers nearly every application.

Together with our customers and suppliers, we have been refining our standardised products and assemblies from the founding days of our company to inch closer to achieve our goal of perfection. To do so, we take advantage of the wide-ranging experience of our service technicians and, of course, that of our customers.

In an open dialogue, this allows us to easily identify potential weak spots. The flat hierarchy and short communication paths of WMS allow these ideas to continuously be incorporated into the further development of our tools. Because a disruptive new development is often required, we are also not afraid to replace older models. In these cases, we will gladly accommodate our customers and provide advice regarding the modernisation process. Thanks to the modular cell concept, this reduces the costs for customers (and us as a supplier) significantly, which allows for a quick return to regular operation. Short downtimes even in case of large modification – because a good product can only prove its worth during uninterrupted operation.

Here is a small selection of more than 100 WMS tools.