We make disorder efficient. In some production processes there are situations in which it is more profitable to load the corresponding parts unsorted into boxes or grid boxes. In the subsequent processing step, the complexity now consists in eliminating or bypassing the resulting chaos as uncomplicatedly as possible and without high labor costs.

Bin picking technology uses 3D camera technology on the robot to capture images of the disordered components in the container and identify their contours. The robot can then pick up the recognized shape in a targeted manner and bring the workpiece into the correct position for the subsequent process.

As integrator of the Keyence Bin Picking System, we promise you the perfect combination of hardware and software. Keyence itself, with its innovative developments, is one of the world market leaders in the fields of automation and quality assurance solutions.
The special feature of the system is that the 3D image is captured by a special high-performance projector, which is equipped with four separate cameras. This enables optimal acquisition results without dead zones – independent of position and orientation. For your smooth process flow!

A small highlight: The system is available ready for operation in our house. We would be pleased to demonstrate the possibilities on your components.

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Robort Vision Bin Picking


The typical setup of a WMS Bin Picking system:

  • robot
  • gripper
  • 3D – camera technology for part recognition
  • Rack for mounting the camera technology above the blank position
  • Traversing axis – if there is more than one blank position
  • 1 or 2 drive-in frames for blank positioning (monitored by sensors) – blanks can be delivered in containers or grid boxes with dimensions up to 1,200 x 800 mm. Height approx. 1,000 mm
  • Optional regripping station, if the parts cannot be fed directly to the next process step in the same way as they were removed from the box
  • Transfer station (belt, deposit station, …)
  • Programming / process


Linking Machines