As a trailblazer in the field of of mechanised deburring and the inventor of the flexible deburring spindle, we epitomise tradition and reliability. Our know-how is your guarantee for maximum process quality. Developed over more than 25 years, the WMS product catalog offers countless possibilities with many tools. According to your needs, tool inserts of different materials, shapes and coatings can be integrated into the deburring machine. Our employees know the different facets precisely and advise you with years of experience.

Ahead of the times – Tools 4.0

Our tools are the heart of every WMS cell. The proven technology of our spindles was patented as early as 1985. Since then, we have continuously developed our products, so that today we can draw on a considerable portfolio.

The latest findings and technologies integrated, our tools offer among others:

  • Transfer of all measured values to the plant control system.
  • Congruent product portfolio of pneumatic as well as electric tools
  • Control and monitoring of speeds for electric tools
  • Message of wear conditions / end of tool life
  • Monitoring of consumption (pneumatic / electric)

You can’t find the right tool? No problem – on the basis of our products, new tools individually adapted to the requirements can be developed within a very short time.

In addition to the continuous improvement process in the WMS day-to-day business, we involve both customers and suppliers in the further development. This cooperation results in new ideas and optimization concepts for our tools based on ever new requirements.

Innovation based on proven technologies: our guarantee!


What Is Deburring?