The following definitions should absolutely not serve as the basis for a scientific paper. We also do not claim that all aspects of deburring, burrs and all other issues mentioned, are addressed in detail or covered comprehensively. We want to provide our customers and interested persons with an overview that allows them to understand for what purpose we build systems.

Was ist Entgraten?

What Is Deburring?

A burr is a material deformation that can be created through different production or machining processes. It is firmly attached to the actual component without, according to the component drawing, actually supposed to be a part of it.

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WMS Werkzeuge


We have invested the entire experience and know-how of the past 25 years into the continuous development of our WMS tools. We now have a selection that reliably covers nearly every application.

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Werkzeuge – WMS Engineering


Each of our cells builds on a standardised modular system. Our product designers then adapt it to the demanding customer requirements. This allows us to achieve efficient solutions that quickly pay for themselves and create the maximum customer benefit.

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