Our partners are the pillars of our success We are proud of many years of cooperation – sometimes from Day 1.

Via a large network of partners, we are able to provide the wide range of services that you, as the end customer, expect from us.

We are proud to be able to look back on multi-year relationships with our partners. Some of them were with us from day one to jointly ensure the sustainable availability of the services provided by WMS. Among them are our suppliers, such as Mannesmann Demag and ABB, or our sales partners, for example ROHTIS in Germany as well as Ellesco ltd. in Great Britain.


ABB Partner WMS

Fanuc Partner WMS

Kuka Partner WMS


Sales partners

WMS Partner Sturm Ellesco

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Newtech Partner WMS

Simu Partner WMS

WMS Partner Rohtis

Partner Hurst Mine Tec WMS

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