Grießen is a district of the community of Klettgau, which is located in the south-eastern part of the Waldshut district and borders Switzerland.

With a population of approximately 1,900, Grießen is the second largest district of the community of Klettgau. Grießen has a tradition as a market town that dates back to the 16th century. Its central geographic location was probably always a key factor for this. To this day, the historic city centre, which was renovated extensively in 1990 and 1991, forms the centre of a lively market four times every year.

To this day, these markets still play an important communal and economical role and, just like in the past, they are a welcome opportunity for interpersonal exchanges. On market days, local restaurants always offer special local culinary delicacies and some guests come from far away to regularly pay a visit to the small Grießen district during the markets. There are five markets annually that enjoy a growing demand. The old, village-like town centre shines in a new light following a comprehensive renovation of the village.

Grießen is well-connected to regional public transportation via buses and trains. All regional authorities, secondary schools and specialist doctors are just as easily accessible as nearby Switzerland. The formerly agricultural orientation of Grießen has clearly been transformed and the district has become a residential community over the past decades.

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Development into a residential community
In the form of the „Maueräcker“ housing development, an additional, large and family-friendly residential area was created. The „Kies“ industrial area, which is ideally connected to the railway and the B 34 country road, offers space for new businesses.

The geriatric daycare centre was built with the goal in mind that the region’s senior citizens should have the opportunity to remain in their home town even if they require care and their family has to work during the day. Next to the premises of the geriatric daycare centre, a clubhouse is available to local clubs. This ensemble of buildings, in which old and young people are shaping their lives right next to each other, harmoniously fits into the market town of Grießen.