Constantly electrified – A day in the Electronics Department

Bringing the components to life – How this works? We show you where we are connected to voltage.

The electrical department at WMS is divided into planning, installation and programming.
The kick-off meeting at the beginning gives the starting signal for the work of our specialists. Out of this the requirements for the respective divisions are defined.

Electrified feeling. The electrical planning forms the base for the further work steps. A decisive component is the creation of an e-plan. This plan determines and maps the cabling and networking between the robot and the cell. Once the planning has been completed, there is a smooth transition to the installation phase.

High voltage! The technical implementation of the elaborated electrical plans is carried out by our electrical assemblies. In order to energize our actuators, the control cabinet is completely wired and connected to the individual components of the cell. Once everything is linked, the first impulses flow through the branched network.

Swing, Swing. Our programmers teach the robot the language of programming and its first moves. Commands are entered on the PC, target points are determined by the Control Panel and arranged according to the surface plan.

We’ll be there for you. Customer orientation is always the top priority. Through the training of our service technicians at WMS or at the customer’s plant, we guarantee the fastest possible training and thus independent control of the system.

So far away and yet so close. We don’t only provide first aid from a distance. Even more difficult problems are analysed and remedied on site at the customer’s premises.
Standardization as a goal – this is how our programmers constantly work on the further development of our programs. For even simpler and more reliable operation in the future.